The Page of Projects

I'm currently nearing my fourth year in university. I did a full year in Bioengineering, then switched courses to Molecular Biology and am just about finished with the second year of that programme now. Things here are sorted from the most recent at top, with the oldest projects at the bottom.

Molecular Biology

Mostly essays / mini-literature reviews so far, but some longer-form writing and projects should roll around soon!


I only did one year on Bioengineering, so there isn't a ton to show off, but I've put some of my better things here.

High School Capstone

Hey there! As part of my high school education, all seniors were required to complete a Capstone project to showcase their skills and ability to apply their knowledge.

We could complete a project in one of three categories: Research, Buisness, or Service. For my project, because I plan on going into Bioengineering, I chose to do research.

My research involved designing a detailed experiment (and the genetic material needed) for the detection of abitrary DNA sequences within a cell. Once the blog component of this website is functional, I'll write more about my project. In the meantime, I've linked all of the work I have so far.

The Capstone Portfolio is a written document that contains a bird's-eye view of the Capstone project. It isn't specific to the research component; rather, it documents everything from college essays to my CV.

This Capstone Poster is much more specific to the actual project component of my senior Capstone and contains much more detail on how my experiment is designed.

Here is my Materials & Methods which includes links to other procedures used for the the more technical steps like transformation and the plasmid digests.

If you are curious about the design of my genetic components, here are my Plasmids & Oligos. There you will find the complete sequences of all my plasmids, inserts, and oligos.