Computer Programming

Despite not actually pursuing a degree in computer science, I find myself doing a lot of hobby-programming. Over the years I've floated a lot between different languages and tools. Currently I run Arch Linux and use Emacs to write Haskell, Rust, and Common Lisp code. I've worked with plenty of other languages, but those three are, by far, my favourites. What can I say? I've got a soft spot for functional programming languages.

Anyhow, you can check out some of my other projects on GitHub.

Haskell / Web / HTML / CSS / JS

I primarily code to learn (with the occasional, more practical project), so I've got a nasty habit of trying to write things from the ground up. This website recently became one of those projects. The whole web server is written from the ground up without any framework and with minimal dependencies (only a Socket + Bytestring library at the moment).

The front-end code for the website follows the same principles of minimalism and pulls only fonts from Google's CDN. The rest is just bog-standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With that being said, I do try to use the most modern features that I can get away with (cry me a river, IE users).

The goal of this project is not to produce "Industry Standard" code; rather, the goal is to learn as much as possible by implementing things from scratch. This should also help me feel out the limitations of the base technologies so that it's clearer in the future when external packages are needed.

Source Code