Brooks J Rady

Don't You Inspect My Element...

Reinventor of the Wheel

Player of Minecraft

Hobby Programmer

Molecular Biologist in Training

Taker of Photos

Writer of Rubbish

Total Nerd

A Coolâ„¢ Guy

Occasionally Dabbles in Thought

The Onion Raves: "Too sarcastic for his own good"

Lifelong Learner

Are These Still Funny?

Brooks Used Splash! But Nothing Happened.

*Insert Esoteric Reference Here*

Creator of Things

This Took Too Long...

100% Organic

Occasionally Functional

Part-Time Autodidact

Cognitively Dissonant

Sorcerer of the Open

Eternally Breeken

Code Monkey

One Third of an Engineer

Anarchist Sympathiser

Time's Person of the Year 2006

Scourge of England

Scourge of America

Oxidiser of Crabs


Midwestern Emo Connoisseur

Desmond the Moon Bear

Keyboard Warrior

Data Hoarder

Ethical Prankster

Licker of Batteries

A Questionable Use of Oxygen

Enrapturing the Masses Since Y2K